Hitchcock T-Shirt.

Haven’t posted in a while. Turns out trying to create work and imagery around a full time job isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to stare at a mac screen for 10 hours a day in a room with no windows. Eyes start to hurt.

So I thought I’d try and see how I can get my existing work out there in different ways, trying out different print companies for different things. Got a parcel this morning with this t shirt and some postcards.

My new month’s resolution is to actually get back to drawing/grow some semblance of facial hair for Movember. Hopefully one of those will succeed, so here’s also a very sneaky peek of the beginning stages of a project I’ve started this week.

Bonus points if you can guess what it is!

Hopefully blogging about it will pressure me into finishing it soon!

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Bit of self promotion - some ideas for Postcards.

It’s getting close to assessment deadline, so I’ll be uploading a bit more work soon - I’ve just been playing around with these - wasn’t happy with the postcards I had been working on, but I think these are better. Need to play about a bit more I think though. Need to re-do the Matchbox I was working on for self promotion too.

Hand in is Monday at 12ish? Really looking forward to it - I need a break to rethink how I make images - I’ve lost all enthusiasm/pride/happiness in my work. Don’t think anything I’ve made is good enough. Boo. Hopefully I can sort this out over summer.

Feedback would be lovely.

EDIT: They shouldn’t be that bright, why are they that bright? I desaturated them before I uploaded them. Oh…. *sad face*

Self Promotion Illustration Postcards Portraits

A project based on palindromes -the images are the same forwards as they are backwards, the 10 phrases are:

"Leon sees Noel"

"Never odd or even"

"Race fast safe car"

"Sat in a taxi, left Felix at Anita’s"

"Sir, I’m Iris"

"Madam, I’m Adam"

"Too bad I hid a boot"

"Tell a ballet"

"No sir, prefer prison"

"Sh! Tom sees moths"

Then some postcards of buildings around Norwich

illustration palindromes postcards