Screen Print

Making *slight* progress with my boxing images project.

Think it’s fair to say I’d lost my way completely with this project. Must’ve had 12 different tutors/guest tutors/visiting illustrators suggest different ways of working/saying they didn’t like different approaches I had been doing. Really didn’t know who to go with, and it left me not knowing what I wanted to do, and I kinda lost sight of what I’d originally intended.

The other day I wanted to screen print a large version of my Drive D&AD entry in preparation for our end of year show, but there’d been a mixup with the printers, and the technician had printed off someone else’s work on my acetate. Seeing as I didn’t have anything with me that day as I’d wanted to screen print, I decided to chuck together some of the drawings I had on my desk, and this booklet type thing was born. I hadn’t originally intended to make a narrative or a sequential thing at all, but all the separate elements I had sort of made a mini story of a fight, I guess.

It got some positive feedback from a couple of tutors, which was surprising, but I’m just glad that I may have found a resolution for this project. It’s not what I originally had in mind, but if it works, I’ll go with it. Really disappointed it’s taken me this long, and got so close to hand in to figure this out, I really should’ve planned it better.

These are my initial pages. Lots of rough drawings and some pages don’t work, so hopefully I can redo them tonight and screen print again at some point this week!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! What pages don’t work? What kinda do?


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