Part 1 of my FMP…..finally got it on vimeo! =)

This animation was part of my final major project which was based on a campaign promoting an iconic movie through the Picture House Cinema Chain. To use codes and hidden messages as a way to reveal the plot of the movie.

It was my first project where I learnt to use After Effects CS5 and I think i did a pretty good job as it was my first time animating! =)

- Amazing illustrator I collaborated with! - Matthew Brazier -
- Amazing voiceovers - Simon Jefferis, David Clulow and Natasha Thiele

A couple of months ago, I was asked by Ms Rekha Mistry (Graphic Communication) to produce some monoprints based on the Christopher Nolan film ‘Memento’ for a short animation as part of her Final Major Project. Here’s a link to the first animation, really nice to see my work moving, maybe something to experiment with over summer.

More of Rekha’s work can be seen at

Really enjoyed making the prints, and gave me an excuse to watch more Christopher Nolan films!

Memento Christopher Nolan Nolan Animation Illustration Graphic Communication