Hello Chelmsford, Goodbye Norwich

Lack of updates lately due to the big move back home after uni.

Unfortunately I am yet to unpack my creativity from my uni boxes, so other than a few scribbles in my everyday daily drawing book (hopefully I’ll complete it’s fourth year and have the complete set up at the end of the year), I haven’t really been drawing that much - needed to unwind after a stressful few months.

So for now, here are some photos of my workspaces. What I had at Norwich, and now what I have at home in Essex - if you’re hawk-eyed, you might see some originals by http://jordanandrewcarter.tumblr.com/ and http://samanthakerr.tumblr.com/ on/near my new desk. Give them both a follow!

Now I have a set up, I can start producing stuff again. It might just be silly stuff, as I want to start drawing for fun again, but hopefully it will be something!

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