The Coen Brothers WIP

Fitting scenes and images and characters from their films within their portraits. Part of my Film Director Book Cover series.

Second image is to compare it to the Hitchcock cover I’ve been working on. The wraparound cover bit would be the snow scene from Fargo, with the briefcase.

Considerably less time spent on this one compared to Hitchcock, so there are a lot of rough, jaggedy colour bits, but I wanted to mock up one to show tutors, to show that it would be part of a series.

Type is placeholder, for the book covers I’ll make it bigger (so it’ll probably cover a lot of characters), but then I want them as posters to go alongside, so that’s where I can have more characters visible)

Had a discussion with another tutor, about possibly bringing in more of a hand made vibe to it, either by screenprint (argh, lots of colours), or monoprint some bits and include them. We’ll see, but I’d like to go sleep now.

The Coen Brothers WIP Illustration Book Cover Film Directors Ethan Coen Joel Coen Fargo The Big Lebowski

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